Payload manufacturers want to ride the UAS tide

This is a trend shared by all Israeli aerospace and defence industries…

Take a full-size payload, originally developed for a full-size aircraft, and make it suitable for installation in or on the smaller fuselage of unmanned air systems.

The appetite of UAS users has become enormous.

“We like the unmanned system but please put as many sensors on it as you can.”

This is not a direct quote but change a word here and there and this reflects the wish of all military commanders.

And the industry, of course, makes every effort to satisfy.

At the AUSA annual meeting and exposition which opens today in Washington, Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) will unveil one of its products borne out of this payload trend.

The lightweight airborne ELM-2054 SAR/GMTI radar payload is, IAI say, the perfect solution for all-weather, air-to-surface intelligence, surveillance, target acquisition and reconnaissance (ISTAR) applications.

IAI says it features a modular, open architecture and can therefore be configured easily into small tactical unmanned air systems.

Elta, the IAI subsidiary that developed the ELM-2054, confirmed the new light, small payload is based on its legacy ELM-2055DX SAR/GMTI modular payloads.

So this is the trend and, as Israeli defence companies concentrate efforts to offer downsized payloads for UAS, more and more budgets are directed towards acquiring UAS.

The payload manufacturers want to ride on that tide.

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