Elisra at forefront of technology to locate downed pilots

A personal pilot locator radio is the only lifeline for a pilot forced to bail-out over enemy territory.

Therefore, this lifeline must be reliable, easy to use under the harshest conditions and not give away the pilot’s position to the enemy before they can be rescued.

The combination of operational experience and advanced technology made the Elisra division of Elbit systems in Israel a leading supplier of such systems.

The latest addition to combat-proven personal pilot locator radios is Elisra’s PRC-434G/SV transceiver – a small but powerful long-endurance personal survival radio.

The company says that with its embedded GPS receiver, large LCD display and state-of-the art electronics, the PRC-434G/SV assures precise global positioning, easy navigation and extensive two-way messaging.

Elisra says the new version is fully compatible with all previous airborne search and rescue system (ASARS) versions and interoperable with airborne systems such as ARS-700, ARS-700G and other NATO SAR systems.

The most important technology is the exact location capability and burst transmissions that make it very hard for the enemy to locate the transmission source.

Many pilots owe their lives to these compact radios. It seems airforces that thought of an ASARS unit as a “luxury” have changed their minds.

Other versions of this life-saving device are under development. By using advanced miniaturisation techniques, Elisra plans to offer more capabilities in the future. The one and only goal, however, is clear – locate a downed pilot in enemy territory after only one pass by a rescue aircraft.


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