The Savile Row of avionics

Sensors and systems determine the main role of the platform. While there is no big difference  between, for example, a utility helicopter and one armed for maritime missions, the content of the cockpit dashboard and systems bays are the key factors.

Israeli aerospace and defence companies realised this some years ago, and are now offering versions of the same systems and sensors which are tailored to the platform’s main mission.

One recent example is the Elbit Systems proposal to Korea Aerospace Industries (KAI). This includes a full package of sensors and payloads for the naval version of the South Korean company’s Surion helicopter.

The KAI Surion is a twin-engine light utility helicopter, designed and developed jointly by KAI and Eurocopter to meet the requirements of the South Korean army and air force.

A naval version is planned, and Elbit Systems is offering to equip it with a variety of sensors.

Elbit has vast experience in developing different sensors for helicopters. These include many advanced electro-optical sensors that enhance the operational envelope of the platform in harsh conditions.

The package is made of different systems and sensors that can be found on other aerial platforms. The trick is to tailor them the max take-off weight of each platform, the limits of the workload for the crew and other factors.

As one of Israel’s leading aerospace and defence companies, Elbit has a degree in the “elite tailoring” of avionics suits for different platforms.

In the past, most of this “tailoring” related to the upgrading of old platforms. Today, the company specialises in fitting the “boxes” to a platform, and thus determining its main operational role.

Stitching together different systems and sensors from different generations and making them play in harmony – this is the job of companies like Elbit Systems.

The experience, mainly on combat proven platforms, makes the difference in quality – makes this the Savile Row of systems tailoring.

A perfect, comfortable fit.

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