UAS get ready for cargo role

Israel, as a leading unmanned air systems (UAS) developer, with 40 years of operational experience, is in a good position to start looking at using the craft for moving cargo.

The country is undertaking early feasibility studies into making the concept a reality.

The talk is vague but when you start asking questions, you quickly learn that it includes such specifics as numbers, weights and ranges that would be involved.

Nothing will happen until UAS are allowed to fly in civil airspaces like manned aircraft. The process has been going on for years, but very slowly. The experts say that the obstacles are only psychological. Technically, they say they are ready to board a UAS and cross the Atlantic.

But there are hints that UAS that will be capable of carrying “many tons” of cargo over long distances. This will make the transfer cheaper, and that alone is an incentive to developers.

The technology is here, the need is here, the human imagination is here. Nothing can beat such a combination. It will take time, but cargo will be flown by very advanced robots and this will certainly be a small step on the way to developing unmanned passenger aircraft.

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