Combat-proven UAS – home from Afghanistan via Israel

Are we going to see a surge in upgrades of fixed wing and rotorcraft following the end of the US presence in Iraq and the slow withdrawal of the multinational forces in Afghanistan?


Some Israeli companies are getting ready to bid for the expected contracts and are preparing upgrade packages for some main weapon systems that have been in service as part of the multinational forces.


The list is naturally headed by the Israeli-made unmanned air systems (UAS), which have mainly seen action in Afghanistan.


These systems have been used extensively, mainly after they were found very efficient in missions aimed at detecting improvised explosive devices (IEDs).


Germany, Australia, France, Spain and Canada have been operating Israeli-made UAS in Afghanistan.


In addition to routine heavy maintenance, these systems may require re-engining and payload upgrades.


The Israeli companies will not comment on the potential work, but it is believed that some of the operators have been offered the chance to bring the UAS directly from Afghanistan to Israel before they are returned to their respective countries.


The upgrade, if eventually performed in Israel, will include the payloads. Each operator is expected to decide whet additional systems will be installed within the limits of the platform-carrying capability.

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