Archive | December, 2011

F-35 production rate – can Israel wait?

The problem is simple to define but not to solve. If the Israeli air force (IAF) needed another cause for concern about the delivery dates of 20 Lockheed Martin F-35s, it came in the form of an interview with the Pentagon’s director of the F-35 programme, the US Navy’s Vice Adm David Venlet.   He […]

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Money, prestige and emotions – Italy against South Korea

The secret war behind the competition aimed at selecting an advanced trainer for the Israeli air force (IAF), reached a new peak last week, when officials of KAI, which manufactures the T-50 competing against the Aermacchi M-346, accused the Israeli ministry of of defence (MoD) of closing a deal before the request for proposals (RFP) […]

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Combat-proven UAS – home from Afghanistan via Israel

Are we going to see a surge in upgrades of fixed wing and rotorcraft following the end of the US presence in Iraq and the slow withdrawal of the multinational forces in Afghanistan?   Some Israeli companies are getting ready to bid for the expected contracts and are preparing upgrade packages for some main weapon […]

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