Science Fi(action) in the desert?

This blog is based on very few facts and a lot of imagination – but always remember that in some cases reality is even wilder that the wildest imagination.

In recent weeks, Sudanese media reports have claimed that the Israeli air force attacked two weapon convoys traveling in Sudan on their way to the Gaza Strip.

According to the reports – denied by the Sudanese armed forces – the planes attacked a convoy of four-wheel-drive vehicles in eastern Sudan three weeks ago, killing a number of people.

Another strike reportedly took place earlier last month against a truck near the border with Egypt, and in a third incident a helicopter was reportedly spotted over an island near Sudan.

Israel has never confirmed nor denied its involvement in any of the air strikes. It also did not confirm or deny reports of

Israeli navy operations in the Red Sea in recent years, as part of Israeli efforts to intercept Iranian arms smuggling, mainly to Hamas in Gaza.

According to the Sudanese media, one of the strikes targeted a convoy of vehicles near Sudan’s border with Egypt – an area whose sovereignty is under dispute by Egypt and Sudan.

A Sudanese army spokesman said there was no indication that the air strikes took place.

There have also been unconfirmed reports about raids on weapon convoys travelling mostly at night. If such raids are real and were not created by a wild imagination, they must have involved pinpoint intelligence, long-range air capability and the right weapons.

But again, this is only an assumption.

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