The Bedek conversion business – the next bonanza on the horizon

The Boeing 767 will fill the gap until the big “boom”, the 777. This is the latest forecast from the Bedek group at Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI).


The Bedek group has completed a feasibility study on the conversion of the Boeing 777 and, based on the results, decided that this is the next conversion line, and a very promising one.


Currently, the main conversion lines at Bedek are the Boeing 747-400 and the Boeing 767-200/300.


While in 2011 the conversion business was very slow, this is about to change in mid-2012, according to Bedek sources.


Bedek, one of the world’s leading conversion centres, sees the 777 as the next bonanza.


The group says that the entry into service of the Boeing 787 and later of the Airbus A-350 will bring into the market many 777s that will find their way to the group’s hangars at Ben-Gurion international airport near Tel Aviv.


All preparations are being made, for that day when the 777 will become the best candidate for conversions.


The normal shift between generations of aircraft was disrupted by the world economic crisis and the late entry into service of the 787.


Now, there is light at the end of the runway. Bedek is confident enough to say that the 767 will still fill some of its hangars, until the first 777 arrives to get a complete life-extending treatment.

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