Big contracts, unnamed clients – a changing world

“The enemy of my enemy is my friend”. This simple sentence is behind some of the recent arms deals made by Israeli defence and aerospace industries.

You only have to look at a world map and identify the neighbours of some of Israel’s worst and most dangerous enemies to have a possible indication of the clients.

In recent weeks, Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) alone announced a deal totaling $1.6 billion with a country “in Asia”.

With the Middle East going through a process of revolution and Iran is approaching the “nuclear threshold”, Israel has had to redefine its “friends” list.

This list may not always seem logical, but when interests are the same processes that were unlikely some years ago all of a sudden look the most logical ones.

So, this new reality has brought some huge contracts to  Israeli defence and aerospace industries.

In addition to the clients, the shopping lists are always very peculiar. They often include upgrades for existing platforms and the purchase of new advanced types.

The negotiations are usually long and very complicated, and the contracts include safeguards against any possible change in the client’s “likings”.

In the very fluid environment of some parts of the world, the situation for governments and rulers can change overnight. The recent examples of Egypt, Yemen and Syria are only one part of the trend.

The fact that this blog post is using vague language is down to the heavy secrecy curtain Israel has put on these contracts.


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