The changing pattern of enemies and allies – new markets

The world is changing very fast. Old enemies become allies. Past potential enemies become “partners in interests”.


The fast tracks of international relations cross the traditional separation lines between countries.


The Israeli defence ministry has given the green light to the country’s defence and aerospace industries to sell their products to Indonesia, the largest Muslim country in the world.


When the Arab countries in the Middle East are in turmoil, other Muslim countries are seen in a different perspective.


That happened before, but now we will see more very good examples. One has emerged only very recently.


In the 80s Israel sold 32 Skyhawk aircraft used by the Israeli Air Force (IAF) to the Indonesian air force after upgrading them with new avionics.


When Syria is burning, Libya is boiling, Lebanon is in continued unrest and Egypt is trying with little success to recover from the revolution, things in faraway places are seen in different perspectives.


Several Israeli companies have recently been given permission to offer their products to Indonesia.


The products on the list are unmanned air systems (UAS), observation systems, various electronic systems, and more.


It seems that Indonesia’s defence budget is quite significant, and that its military is undergoing a process of renovation, which opens up many possibilities for the Israeli defence industries.


Any deal, or even the presentation of products before Indonesian representatives, necessitates advanced approval by the Israeli defence establishment. However, as mentioned, a number of such approvals have recently been granted.


Several possible deals will be proposed during the meetings planned this week during the Singapore air show.


A source close to the issue said that at this initial stage, there is potential for tens of millions of dollars to be made.


A changing world also creates new business opportunities.

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