Stupidity, the leak and the damage

I think many documents uncovered by WikiLeaks merely reflect intentions and thoughts, rather than real things. But even if that applies to a recent leak concerning Israel, it is the most stupid one related to the export of Israeli-made military hardware.

The leak is not stupid; the stupidity relates to the person who thought about it/dreamt about it/whispered about it. And if one day there is hard evidence the thought was followed by action, such stupidity would deserve an entry in the Guinness Book of Records.

The subject of the leak is Russia allegedly giving Israel codes for breaking Iran’s missile defence system in return for codes of unmanned aerial systems (UAS) Israel sold to Georgia.

The information was among five million emails released last week by WikiLeaks. The leaks focused on the US-based Stratfor global intelligence company.

A source identified as “A” was quoted in an email from a Stratfor employee as having heard from a “former Mexican cop” and military analysts that “the Georgians are frantically looking for a replacement for the Israeli UAS that were compromised”.

Israel sold UAS to Georgia. At least two of them were shot down by Russian MiG-29s during a Russian operation in Georgia in 2008.

So, if someone thought about such a swap of codes, they should have known that even in the dark world of arms deals, secrets are not forever – even if they deal with something that crossed somebody’s mind after a night of heavy drinking in a Mexican saloon.

I assume this leak will be followed by others. How many acts could there be in this strange “play”? Many seek the answer.

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