The unmanned world on display – the future begins now

It was only a matter of time until such a conference was held in Israel.


With 40 years of operational use of unmanned air vehicles, it is only natural that the AUVSI Israel Chapter will host the 2012 AUVSI International Conference in Tel Aviv.


The three-day conference will begin on 20 March and deal with the growing world of unmanned systems.


The sessions will focus on Unmanned Ground Systems (UGS); Unmanned Airborne Systems (UAS); Unmanned Marine Systems (UMS); C4I-Training and Simulations; Operational Lessons Learned; Civil Applications; UAS Integration in Civil Aviation Airspace; Swarms of Unmanned Vehicles; Sensors, Navigation, Perception and Recognition in Unmanned Vehicles & Propulsion.


Tommy Silbering, the general manager of the Malat division of Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI), said that the conference will be a good opportunity to demonstrate the network-centric approach to a joint operation of unmanned systems.


He added that the future that begins today is the integration of all the unmanned systems to perform “complex missions”.


Not all the Israeli developments in that respect will be presented at the conference, in order not to make the security officers of the different companies nervous, but the trend will be shown.


When the UAS, UGS and UMS are only platforms for carrying the variety of sensors, the system is the key word that makes the whole difference.


“We will show how the very advanced ground stations can give any ‘client’ the data he needs and how any of the payloads can be operated with the greatest efficiency.”


The participants from all the Israeli unmanned systems manufacturers and from the users in the different units of the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) will share their experience (to a limit).


The many guests will have a unique opportunity to get first-hand information from an armed service that has made the unmanned system one of its main tools.

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