Israel Aerospace Industries robots all around

Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) is slowly becoming the robotics house of Israel and, if I may make a small forecast, of the world.


I am talking about robots that will participate in combat and in many cases will deliver the punch necessary to win it.


After 40 years of developing unmanned air systems (UAS), the company is revealing the tip of a “mountain” of combat robots that will complement those that fly over the fighting units.


The technology that helped IAI to develop fifth and sixth-generation UAS is now helping the company to begin the ground robotic revolution.


And it will, in the not-so-distant future, be a combined robotic fighting force, with UAS of all types in the air, and ground robots performing complex missions in full cooperation.


Most of the IAI robots are still classified, but one is a good example of the technology and the trend.


This is the REX “porter”, which can carry up to 200kg and is designed to assist groups of three to 10 ground soldiers on operational and logistical missions for up to 72 hours without refuelling.


The REX follows the soldier that operates it or is put on a 6m “leash” connected to a smart remote control.


With an effort to develop a vertical take-off and landing (VTOL) unmanned system, and with other robotic efforts made by IAI, a scene from a robot-based science fiction movie is losing the fiction element.


The building blocks that helped IAI develop some very “exotic” UAS are now used very extensively for robots on the ground.


Around a hundred engineers and technicians are on the job, and we can expect some very surprising systems.


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