Israeli missile defence – the upper layer gets thicker

While many countries, including the US, are struggling to deploy anti-ballistic missile systems, Israel is upgrading its operational Arrow system and it will be more capable as time passes.


The Israeli Air Force’s (IAF’s) two operational Arrow anti-ballistic missiles interceptor batteries will soon be equipped with improved missiles.


The improved missiles have a new block of software and some more highly classified upgrades. These changes are a result of the many simulations performed by the IAF’s Arrow unit.


The simulations, using the built-in capability of the batteries, is complemented by one  of the main Israeli national simulators built to allow the simulation of any scenario.


Now to the upgrades. The detection and fire control capabilities of the Arrow-2 batteries will be upgraded further by connecting them to the Elta “Super Green Pine” radar.


This radar, according to the IAF, will give the Arrow-2 operators an “improved picture of the skies”. And the “skies” in this context mean space far, very far, from Israel.


However, this is only part of the effort that has gained momentum in recent years in parallel with the accelerated development of Iran’s long-range ballistic missiles.


Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI), the Arrow’s developer and manufacturer, is currently developing the Arrow-3, a totally different interceptor that is designed for kinetic kills of ballistic missiles armed with unconventional warheads.


The improved Arrow-2, and later the Arrow-3, will be the upper layers of a multi-layered system aimed at protecting Israel from rockets and missiles.


The Rafael Iron Dome is the lowest layer, the “David’s Sling” developed by Rafael and Raytheon will constitute the second layer, and the two versions of the Arrow will top that system.


There are more and more signs that there is a growing interest in the Israeli multi-layered system, and that this may result in some export deals.


South Korea is facing a problem, Japan is facing one, and other countries may also feel threatened.

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