Israeli aviation security measures – some countries will not cooperate

This has happened in the past in other parts of the world, but in recent years the focus has become Scandinavia.

The Scandinavian authorities are reluctant to allow Israeli airlines to use the “special security” measures that are part of every flight from any point in the world to Israel, performed by an Israeli airline.

This time the focus is on Stockholm airport. The airport authorities have refused to allow Israeli airline Arkia to carry out a series of flights under the security umbrella required by Israel.

The Swedish authorities say that they will not allow Israeli security staff to perform independent security checks in Stockholm airport. They also made it clear they will not allow any Israeli security staff on their soil to carry weapons.

The authorities also explained that the independent security checks Israeli personnel perform would violate laws connected to freedom of occupation and human dignity. Instead, they offered to perform the security checks with their own personnel.

This crisis is a duplicate of one which occurred last year at Copenhagen airport.

The Israel general security service has never accepted security checks on flights to Israel that are performed by local staff. The Israeli security personnel checking passengers and guarding the boarding area are specially trained – and all of them served in elite units of the Israeli defence forces.

Israeli experts claim that the local security “arrangements” offered by the authorities in Scandinavian countries are not sufficient. They add that in recent years intelligence data points to a growing terror threat in that area – a fact that emphasizes the need to take all possible measures to prevent it.

In the meantime, the Israeli foreign ministry is trying to find a solution that will allow the Israeli airline’s flights from Stockholm.

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