Alliances and partnerships in the UAS business

The growing competition in unmanned air systems (UAS) has resulted in more alliances between manufacturers, and between them and strategic partners.


What happened in the airline business, which is currently dominated by big alliances, happens now on a smaller scale in the UAS market.


We can see an example of this trend in Canada, where the Dominator XP UAS made by Aeronautics from Israel is now being certificated to fly in Canadian airspace.


However, certification is only part of the picture. It is part of a strategic teaming agreement signed last year between Aeronautics and CAE.


The agreement was initially meant to develop a simulation and mission training solution for the Dominator XP.


Avi Leumi, president of Aeronautics, said that the agreement actually created a joint team that will promote the sale of the Dominator XP to civil and military clients.


The Dominator XP was adapted to comply with the Missile Technology Control Regime (MTCR) limitations.


The Dominator XP is based on the Diamond DA-42 twin-engined aircraft. It can achieve an endurance of 28 hours and is capable of carrying a 300kg payload. Its maximum take-off weight is 2,000kg.


Maximum altitude is 30,000 feet and maximum speed is 190 knots. The Dominator is aimed at the high end of the medium-altitude long-endurance (MALE) UAS market.


So the time for alliances and strategic partnerships in the UAS business has come and at least a few more are in the making as these lines are being written.

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