The conversion market – forecasts and preparations

How will the introduction into service of the Boeing 787 affect the conversion market?


While many question marks still remain, related to the world economic situation, preparations are being made.


The Bedek Group of Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) is a leading conversion centre, and as such the “next big thing” should be clear in its long-term planning.


So, after completing feasibility studies on the conversion of the Boeing 777, and based on the results, the Bedek Group decided that this is the next conversion line.


Currently, the main conversion lines at Bedek are the Boeing 747-400 and the Boeing 767-200/300.


In 2012, the Bedek Group has a forecast for the conversion of more than 20 767s and 747s in its facilities at Ben Gurion international airport.


Some Boeing 737s are being converted at the Gameco conversion site in China, under the Bedek STC and supervision.


The basic assumption of the Bedek Group is that the entry into service of the Boeing 787, and later of the Airbus A350, will bring many 777s into the market.


The group is making all the necessary preparations to be ready for the demand if all the forecasts materialise.

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