Air power distribution as the situation changes

Before the “Arab Spring” was even conceived, the Israeli air force (IAF) decided to make its Nevatim facility in southern Israel a major base for combat and transport squadrons.

The Lockheed Martin F-35s the IAF plans to receive in 2017 will be based at Nevatim. This base will also receive the Lockheed Martin C-130Js that have been included in a contract signed last year.

The IAF has decided to increase the aircraft inventory at the base due to infrastructure, training space and the Israeli defence forces’ (IDF) plans to move significant resources into southern Israel.

The base has a 3.9km runway – the longest in the Middle East.

The Arab Spring changed the situation in the Middle East – and gave these changes even greater importance.

Building very advanced infrastructure in the southern part of Israel allows the IAF to operate at a base that is far from any big city, which would undoubtedly be the target of all the missile attacks on Israel in any future war.

The location of the base is also an important factor when you watch the developments in Egypt and Syria closely.

This air base will be very busy in the coming years, assisting in keeping an eye on all “areas of interest” – and enabling fast reaction when needed.

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