Small movements of a giant – Israel’s high sensitivity

When giants make small movements they can send shockwaves that will be detected at very long distances. China is one such giant, and it has recently made small movements that are still being investigated.

One thing is already clear – the international arms market is going to change, or rather be transformed. In Israel all sensors are on full power.

The Chinese have technology, they know how to “adopt” technology and they have cheap labor. For example, if an unmanned air system currently has a $5 million price tag, what will happen when a Chinese company offers a similar system for $2 million or less?

This is going to happen. You have only to follow the small movements and you have a clear picture. Recently such a movement was made with a high profile – the Argentinian defence minister visited China and signed military agreements.

Defence minister Arturo Puricelli said that cooperation agreements he signed with Chinese defense minister Liang Guanglie will strengthen ties between the Asian giant and Argentina.

The Argentinian minister also visited Chinese defence contractors, examining helicopters at one and guided weapon systems and anti-aircraft artillery at another.

Chinese state-run media in Beijing reported the visit and said China wants to expand military cooperation with Argentina.

Latin America has been a good market for Israeli defence and aerospace industries. It yielded some very profitable contracts, and more are being negotiated.

The potential clients are aware that Israeli systems are based on an unparalleled operational experience, but when prices are being cut like a last-minute Christmas sale, decisions that have looked natural may go astray.

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