Arrow-3 intercept test soon

Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) is completing preparations for the first intercept test of its new, very advanced Arrow-3 anti-ballistic missile.


The new missile is designed to achieve kinetic kills of long-range ballistic missiles.


The name is similar to that of the operational Arrow-2 , but sources here say that the new missile will be totally different.


Last year, an operational Arrow-2 missile achieved an unplanned kinetic kill of a US-made target over the Pacific Ocean, in another and very important step towards the new capabilities of the Israeli missile defence systems.


A target missile was launched from a US Navy ship off the west coast. The Arrow-2 Block 4 was launched from a US facility on the coast.


The improved Arrow-2 intercepted the target missile after its Green Pine ground radar detected it.


The Arrow-2 is designed to destroy ballistic missiles with a proximity-operated warhead, but in this test it achieved a kinetic kill.


IAI, the Arrow developer and manufacturer, is currently developing the Arrow-3, a totally different interceptor that is designed for kinetic kills of ballistic missiles armed with unconventional warheads.


The direct hit last year was an indication that the Block-4 software used in the improved Arrow-2 has brought IAI closer to the planned capabilities of the Arrow-3 missile.


This new missile is also dubbed Super Arrow, and will demonstrate new capabilities, not only “iron to iron” hits to match future threats.


The kinetic kill of the Arrow-2 last year in the US test helped the IAI team to accelerate the development process.


A fly-out of the Arrow-3 was already performed. Now preparations are being completed for a real intercept. The enemy missile will be simulated by an air-launched target.


When talk about an armed conflict between Israel and Iran reach a climax, the Israeli anti-ballistic missiles shield is in focus more than at any time in the past.









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