Israel Military Industries – simple, affordable, effective

“Simple, affordable, effective” – this is the motto of the new plan prepared by Israel Military Industries (IMI) in an effort to increase sales.

The state-owned company has decided on this line of operation, based on the assumption that armed forces have or will have limited budgets.

One good example is the company’s multi-purpose air-dropped bomb, the MPR-500. The bomb is identical in size to the regular Mk-82.

In the second Lebanon war, Mk-82 bombs hit targets and broke upon impact, while the MPR-500 has a much better penetration capability.

This improvement made the bomb attractive to many air forces, and earlier this year Boeing approved the MPR-500 as being compatible with its Joint Direct Attack Munition (JDAM) guidance kit.

Tests proved that the MPR-500 can penetrate more than 1m of reinforced concrete, or punch through four 200mm-thick walls or floors.
It virtually eliminates the breaking of the bomb’s warhead on impact, which causes it to explode incorrectly.

And the MPR-500 is only one example – IMI is directing all its R&D efforts along these lines, and this has already resulted in very accurate rockets and some classified weapon systems that can carry the label “simple, affordable, effective” on them.

As the process to privatise IMI is finally gathering some momentum, this will without doubt attract potential buyers.

Not that the list has been short from the outset, but it will be longer when the process begins officially.


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