Simulation not only for pilots

The Israeli Air Force’s (IAF) inventory is stretched to the limit, with training and operational missions every day. To keep aircraft in top condition, technicians must be able to solve problems within minutes.

The IAF’s technical school graduates are considered top-notch in their field and after leaving the force, they are snapped up by airlines, not only in Israel.

But the complexity of the aircraft requires a change in the training. The IAF is building a simulation facility for technicians. This very advanced facility will allow for the simulation of any problem the line technicians may face.

It will also enable the development of methods to handle problems in the quickest possible way.

The work is being done with the help of Israeli companies that have developed other simulators for the IAF.

The flagship project is the networked simulators facility that is being built in the IAF’s Hazor base.

The facility includes eight F-16I full dome, high definition simulators, supplied by Elbit Systems.

The Israeli company is building the facility under a private financing initiative (PFI) programme and will sell simulator hours to the IAF according to a 15-year contract.

The full dome, high definition simulators will be networked and linked with other simulators used by the IAF at other bases.

Two operator stations in the facility will be used by a “red squadron” that will inject adversary scenarios to the F-16I simulators.

The technicians simulator will be operational at the end of next year. It will first allow the F-16I (Sufa) technicians to polish their skills. The plan is to later add capabilities to train technicians that take care of other aircraft.

Simulation is fast penetrating into advanced armed forces. The pace is especially fast, given that this force is performing operational missions every day, many of them in combat conditions.

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