The Israeli Air Force One – a shelved document

The plan has been shelved and there is only a small chance that it will change its current place in the foreseeable future.


The plan was logical but when a government makes one there are always some unexpected factors.


Almost two year ago, the Israeli government decided to get a local version of the USA’s presidential Air Force One.


The concept was prepared and the Israeli ministry of finance even issued the request for information (RFI) that was supposed to start the process aimed at selecting a dedicated VIP aircraft that would fly the Israeli president and prime minister to visits in foreign countries.


Currently these flights are performed by one of the Israeli airlines, and in the past by an Israeli air force (IAF) 707.


The RFI included three options – a dedicated aircraft for the official flights, a dual-use aircraft that would be operated by an airline between the official flights, and a long-term agreement with an airline that would be committed to adapting one of its aircraft to the required configuration at short notice.


The operator, according to the official document, was to be an Israeli company and the requirement was for an aircraft capable of carrying up to 120 passengers in a three-class configuration.


The front section of the aircraft was to include an office with secure communications systems, a bedroom, and other facilities and systems.


The RFI also included an option to select a dual-use aircraft that would be operated by IAF.


The plan was logical but before someone could even prepare a serious proposal, demonstrations began against the soaring cost of living and the difficulties young people in particular face in getting proper housing.


In that situation the plan simply disappeared in the typical way state plans disappear when politicians think that to carry them out will harm them.

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