Embarrassment of safety category two lingers

Four years after Israel was downgraded to safety category two no-one knows when this embarrassing situation will end.

Israel, a country with a high-tech industry, was brought to this situation because of years of negligence by law makers.

The Israeli aviation law from 1927 was replaced by a new one but the regulations that will make it applicable are still debated in different committees of the Israeli parliament.

The anachronistic aviation law was one of the reasons for demoting Israel to category two. A new law is in the approval process in the Israeli parliament.

Other issues are dealt with in close co-operation with the US Federal Aviation Administration, but it will take time to make many amendments.

The downgrade is not only hurting the national pride of Israel, it is affecting the operations of EL AL on the route to the USA and its codeshare agreement with American Airlines.

The CAA has formed a special team that is working on the other seven key issues that were the basis for the downgrade. These are mainly connected to regulations and their enforcement with operators.

The fact that four years after the FAA’s decision, Israel is still in category two proves that, over the years, many people that were in charge failed to do their job and brought Israel to a situation where it is taking years to correct the way in which the issues were dealt with.

So, Israel is still in category two and no-one can be sure when this will change.

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