Category one restored after four years

It took too much time and caused too much damage, but Israel cannot blame anyone for this – this was “earned” with long years of negligence and ignorance.

Late last week the US Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) restored the category one safety standard for Israel after four years.

In January 2009 the FAA downgraded Israel’s safety category to two.

This came after a series of checks revealed that the Israeli Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) failed in complying with a list of errors found earlier.

The highest category was restored in spite of the fact that some processes – mainly in writing regulations that apply to the different chapters of new aviation law – have not been completed.

The CAA was also under heavy pressure from EL AL, which could not sign code share agreements with US airlines while Israel was in category two.

The CAA has announced that a special effort will now be made to complete the regulations according to the FAA’s standards.

Before the downgrade the CAA was warned again and again, but the officials were slow to react. Nothing turned on the red light – not even the fact that the Israeli aviation law was from 1927.

So it took four years, and now there will be an effort to fix the damage – suffered mainly by EL AL, which was paralyzed in everything that had to do with cooperation with US airlines.

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