Shades of grey in managing Israeli air space

Things that should be seen in black and white are often painted in grey to avoid action.

Israeli air space is very small and congested. Commercial traffic, general aviation, air force manned aircraft and unmanned air systems are growing in number. The problems of control are obvious.

A few day ago, two pilots of Israeli Air Force (IAF) F-16s, in a training mission over northern Israel, suddenly spotted a paraglider in front of them at the same low altitude they used for training. Only the immediate reaction of the pilots avoided a fatal accident.

This incident, which is under investigation, is further proof that something drastic has to be done to control the flying objects that are not considered aircraft and therefore are not under the strict regulations of the Israeli Civil Aviation Authority (CAA).

Israeli law does not require people who use a paraglider to register or obtain official permission to use airspace. Normally, the altitude in which paragliders operate does not bring them into close proximity with aircraft, but there have been incidents.

The CAA says its hands are tied. The fact is that no-one in the Israeli aviation authorities wants to deal with the problem.

I know that someone will act only after a fatal accident. This is the way things are handled by the authorities. They have a tendency to hide problems under the carpet, hoping they stay there. But from time to time someone moves the carpet. 

In spite of that, the recent incident may bring some change as it involved the IAF, which is the “ruler” of Israeli airspace.

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