Refreshing the eyes in space

Two new Israeli spy satellites are being built by the Israeli space industry – not only to replace existing satellites, but to improve Israel’s capability to watch its neighbours.

The exact date when Iran will have nuclear capability is not yet clear, but Israel is making a huge effort to know first.

Hundreds of millions of dollars is invested in the capabilities of Israel’s spy satellites. The result? Israel has an array of very advanced spy satellites in orbit, and is developing more advanced ones.

This capability is very impressive if one looks at the members of the exclusive club of nations that can manufacture and launch spy satellites.

Currently Israel has five active spy satellites in space. Some “young” – in terms of time in space – and other “adult”. All five broadcast their images to a ground station somewhere in central Israel.

The images they capture while flying in low Earth orbit over “interesting” states like Iran and Syria – but not only these nations – are received here and are put into a long process of data extracting.

Two satellites of the “Offeq” series, two so-called “Civil” satellites of the “Eros” series and the Tecsar synthetic aperture satellite allow Israel to continuously monitor areas of interest.

All the satellites were built by Israel Aerospace Industries, according to precise operational requirements presented by the Israel Defense Forces’ intelligence corps.

No details are available about the capabilities of the new satellites being built, but one can imagine that they will carry the best payloads technology can offer.

For Israel the resolution of these payloads may be critical.


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