The “foreign customers” of the Israeli aerospace industry

The reasons vary but the outcome is the same – there are countries that do not want to be identified as customers of the Israeli aerospace and defence industries.

These countries want the technology but, for what is referred to as “geopolitical” reasons, in many cases they do not want other countries to know what they have purchased, or its source.

Only yesterday we received another demonstration to this phenomenon.

Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) was awarded contracts totalling $44m to supply advanced communication intelligence (COMINT) solutions to a “foreign customer”.

The innovative airborne and ground-based COMINT solutions developed by ELTA Systems, a group and subsidiary of IAI, employ new technologies to allow the interception and location of regular and complex communication transmissions, even in dense signal environments, with very high probability. 

The system utilises multiple advanced wideband digital communication receivers and sophisticated algorithms for signal processing and accurate geolocation of communication sources.

The technology intercepts, analyses, identifies, locates and monitors communication networks and data links, providing electronic order of battle (EOB) intelligence of all communication activity in the theatre under surveillance. This informs commanders about the position of hostile forces and allows them to plan operations.

ELTA anticipates a follow-on order from the same customer for signals intelligence (SIGINT) systems.

Another “foreign customer” has awarded ELTA an $11.5m maintenance support contract for EL/L-8222 self protection electronic counter measures (ECM) pods. These ECM pods were supplied by IAI to the customer in a previous contract. 
The new contract includes the supply of spares, maintenance services and related logistics support to maintain high systems availability and short turnaround times.

The EL/L-8222 self-protection pods feature sophisticated jamming technology, designed to enhance the survivability of fighters and other military aircraft by suppressing multiple threats in dense radar-guided weapon systems environments. The pods suppress hostile weapon systems by transmitting electronic countermeasures, jamming signals classified as threats.  

The pods are flight-line reprogrammable to deal with diverse threats, ECM techniques and mission data.


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