The rocket threat and the Israeli interceptor

There are more and more signs that some countries have analysed the role of the Israeli “Iron Dome” rocket interceptor, and have realised that they need such systems. At this moment in time the signs are very sketchy, very low profile – but they are there.

Development of Iron Dome began in 2005, and it became operational 25 months later – a record development time. Necessity is a powerful influence.

More than $500 million has been invested to date in the development, production lines and procurement of five operational Iron Dome batteries.

The estimated price of each battery is $70 million, and the cost of each Tamir interceptor missile is estimated at $55,000.

The need of countries that have shown their growing interest is for an interceptor that will be based mainly around big cities and near critical installations like power stations.

The reason for the surge in interest is the unanimous understanding that many of the international terror organisations understand that with rockets they can claim many lives and cause great damage, without sacrificing their people.

Will Israel be approached by the interested countries? Will they ask for transfer of know how?

Delegations land at Ben-Gurion airport in Tel-Aviv frequently in an effort to learn more before their governments make a decision.

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