Israel draws a line in the sand

The situation in Syria is very unstable because of the civil war. 

Israel has not interfered, but it has drawn two lines that must not be crossed: attempts to use the chaos to transfer chemical warfare agents from Syria into “non governmental” hands, or to move weapon systems to the Hezbollah terror organisation in Lebanon.

The world press claims it was the Israel air force (IAF) which carried out an attack on a Syrian site and convoy last week.

Even after Syria admitted that some installations in its territory were hit from the air, the facts surrounding the “stealth attack” are still limited.

Recently it became clear that one of the targets was a Syrian convoy carrying Russian-made SA-17 (Grizzly) surface to air missiles. These, according to the sources, were meant for the hands of Hezbollah.

Some sources said the raid had a secondary aim – to test the capability of the Syrian anti-aircraft system to detect fighter aircraft entering the country’s airspace.

The mysterious attack continues to generate media stories. Officially Israel has not reacted to any of the “finger pointing”, and the words “according to foreign sources” have been used since the attack more than a hundred times in Israel.

Without any reference to the attack, it is clear that in recent weeks the IAF has been on high alert because of the fluid situation in Syria. 

This state of alert will continue until things become clearer – but that might take a while.

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