A “hot” issue for the IAF BlackHawk

On summer days temperatures inside Israeli air force (IAF) BlackHawk helicopters can be unbearable.

The air-conditioning unit is often useless, and the pilots have to operate under very difficult conditions. It was clear that a solution is needed – and as soon as possible.

In recent years a number of proposed solutions were evaluated, but all were insufficient to solve this “hot” issue. But now it seems the right answer has been found.

The air-conditioning system used in the US Navy’s version of the Sikorsky UH-60 BlackHawk helicopter has solved the problem of high temperatures in the cockpit of those used by the IAF.

The IAF tried to solve the temperature problem in different ways, but failed. Temperatures in summer reached 50°C, and this caused problems and limited some operations.

In a recent test, the air-conditioning system used in the US Navy’s SH-60 SeaHawk was installed in one of the IAF’s UH-60 “Yanshuf” helicopters, and the results were excellent.

“The system produced a very cold air stream, and the pilots at times asked to shut it down,” Capt Daniel – the project officer – told the IAF magazine.

The successful test will soon result in the replacement of the air-conditioning units in all the IAF’s UH-60s.

These helicopters are frequently operated in the Israeli desert, where outside ground temperatures in summer reach 40°C.

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