Datalink solution is just around the corner

Airforces that face many simultaneous missions have an operational demand for a lot of real-time information, of various types.

The solution is not simple, for the sender of the information and the receiver. But now it seems a solution is right around the corner.

An airborne datalink system will soon enable the Israeli air force to transmit and receive real-time video, data and audio simultaneously, using a small, lightweight radio.

The system is in its final development stages and was recently demonstrated to some foreign airforces. Rafael, which is developing the system, says there is much potential for exports. 

The company says its airborne datalink system can accurately process and distribute real-time information to all airborne and ground units.


By providing communication links, networks and applications, the system provides a virtual circuit and datagram services that guarantee reliable, simultaneous, multichannel voice, data, imagery and video transmissions.

Airborne datalinks are based on two types of system – datalink radio and voice and datalink radio, depending on the communications services and the requirements of data, video and imagery applications.


A Rafael programme source said on March 19 that the system enables full connectivity between all airborne and ground platforms, taking mission critical decisions in real time.

The source said the company had used advanced software and many off-the-shelf technologies to solve a “critical problem” of advanced airforces that use many types of manned aerial platforms in parallel to various unmanned air systems. Information has to be shared between them and “clients” on the ground in real time with a minimum of delay in voice transmissions.

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