A “cheap” threat is still a threat – made in China UAS

At first they were considered potential competitors -now they look more like a threat.

“Cheap” made in China unmanned air systems (UAS) will – according to Israeli sources – find their way into the hands of terror organisations.

The idea of cheap, China-made UAS may not tempt countries such as Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, Australia or NATO allies that want to buy the best US or Israeli hardware.

Instead, China is seeking buyers in the Middle East and Africa at glitzy expositions such as China’s biennial Zhuhai air show.

Israeli sources say that in the Middle East there could be direct competition, and the Chinese could obtain “easy customers” because they can apparently make cheaper systems.

The Israeli sources also say these cheap Chinese-made UAS may find their way into conflict areas, where international sanctions limit or block the purchase of “legal weapons”.

Iran has already sold its own basic UAS to countries such as Syria and organisations such as Hezbollah.

In addition, China-made UAS would allow countries like Iran and North Korea to obtain technology which Western countries refuse to sell.

The Chinese UAS efforts also pose a commercial challenge to the Israeli industry.

“I will not be surprised if within 5 years we see the first systems offered on the market,” a senior industry source says.

He adds that while it is expected the Chinese UAS – at least in the first years – will not have the operational capabilities of those made by companies in the US and Israel, they may still look attractive – especially for countries that are not on the front-line of technology

Last year, China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation displayed the CH-4 UAS, which resembles the US Reaper drone.

The CH-4 has a claimed endurance of 30h and a 2,000 mile range at altitudes of up to 8km.

Another UAS that was displayed was dubbed Wing Loong and also resembles the Reaper, according to reports.

The Israeli sources assess that the Chinese will offer the UAS at very low prices in order to penetrate the markets.

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