Elbit subsidiary providing Israeli technology for US customers

Elbit Systems is one of Israel’s leading aerospace companies. The US is a major market for the company, which operates there through Elbit Systems of America.

The Army Aviation Association of America 2013 Annual Professional Forum and Exposition, which runs from April 10 to 13 in Fort Worth, Texas, provides the opportunity to focus on the efforts the company makes in this key market.

Among the systems on show is the large area display, a panoramic high-definition screen of up to 22in (56cm). It presents integrated high-performance flight and mission graphics on a wider, slimmer screen.

The company’s embedded virtual avionics system transforms trainer aircraft into advanced virtual fighter aircraft and provides fighters with virtual air and ground adversaries simultaneously.

Also on display is the Apache aviator integrated helmet, for the Apache Block III helicopter. This was tailored for the US, but has other markets.

The US branch of the Israeli company also displays a cockpit demonstrator with degraded visual environment symbology.

This third-generation system demonstrates an all-aspect solution for helicopters, allowing for full integration between the company’s helmet display with tracking system and the aircraft’s other avionics systems.

Upgrades are a key component of the company’s display. The UH-60L cockpit digitisation solution demonstration unit presents, according to Elbit, an affordable way of bringing the army’s Blackhawk cockpits into the 21st century.

It is designed to increase situation awareness and reduce crew cockpit workload, with 165 degree viewing angles, embedded digital flightbag, digital map, and automated checklists and warnings.

The impressive display shows again that the US is still the most important market for a company such as Elbit, which years ago established a local subsidiary to allow access to many sensitive programmes.


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