The co-existence of aircraft, rockets and UAS

A new set of operational procedures will help the Israeli air force (IAF) to co-exist on the battlefield with the Israeli defense forces’ (IDF) artillery corps.

The new procedures allow the artillery corps to use its systems, guns and rockets in conjunction with the IAF’s fixed-wing aircraft, helicopters and unmanned air systems (UAS).

According to the IAF magazine a potential risk first surfaced in 2006, when an Apache helicopter crashed and its two pilots were killed. The first suspicion was that it was hit by an artillery shell.

An investigation revealed that the cause of the crash was a technical failure, but it raised a red flag for the IAF.

The problem of congestion is becoming more complicated, as the IDF is moving towards the wider use of precise rockets for close air support missions.

Some years ago the idea was rejected, but now it is in the final stage of approval.

Two Israeli companies – Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) and Israel Military Industries (IMI) – have developed a range of mobile, reasonably priced precise rockets.

Some can be launched from multi launchers that will be capable of fast reaction and the creation of a large kill-zone.

The two companies claim these rockets can deliver the needed close support to ranges of up to 200km.

Limited designs of the rockets have been revealed, while others are still classified.

Israeli sources say the rockets are not capable of suppressing fire like the ones used by Hezbollah in Lebanon, but are perfect to hit selected targets that can escape if the reaction time is not short enough.

So now aircraft, with their precise weapons, and the rockets with their advanced homing sensors will be capable of working in the same area without the danger of accidents as a result of congestion.

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