Customers want a ‘full package’

Customers these days are “spoiled” – they want full packages that make the most of that expensive platform they purchased, in spite of budget constraints.

So, to satisfy customers, the Bedek aviation division of Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) is offering such full packages.

The latest to be revealed is an advanced integrated simulator training concepts and solutions package for fighter pilots and tanker air crew, including pilots, air refueling operators and loadmasters.

The integrated simulator training concept allows the tanker air crew and fighter pilots to practice mid-air operations together and experience true interoperability.

The “simulator farm” uses full-motion simulators and flight training devices which further demonstrate the realities of a battlefield.

IAI has been converting old passenger aircraft to tankers for years. Initially the main platform was the Boeing 707, but in recent years it has been the Boeing 767.

Only recently the Brazilian air force command selected IAI to convert two Boeing 767-300ER commercial aircraft into military, multi-mission tanker and transport aircraft (MMTT), under project KC-X2.

IAI has already delivered a Boeing 767 tanker to Colombia, where it received the classification ‘Jupiter’.

The MMTT was delivered as part of IAI’s Kfir C10 fighters upgrade package. IAI is also offering its Boeing 767 MMTT to Poland.

So the air tanker business is good and the customers want more than a flying petrol station.

Now they will be able to get more.

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