AACMI system offers solution to common training problem

What until recently was on the operational agenda of mostly western airforces is now a requirement of airforces that thought they could do without it.

Training with modern fighter aircraft has become very expensive and many defence budgets are still shrinking. An efficient training mission is only possible when all the data is recorded and can be used for debriefing and analysis.

An autonomous air combat manoeuvring instrumentation (AACMI) system is the basis for every modern air force and there is no doubt that many flying hours and, consequently, a lot of money can be saved by using it.

Using a powerful datalink, the mission can be monitored in real time and many features, such as an anti-collision warning, are increasing flight safety, which is critical for training missions.

The Israeli air force has brought the use of AACMI systems to “peaks” that are shielded by secrecy. These systems, which have been developed in Israel, enabled the IAF to prepare better for many “not common” missions.

So the word spread and the demand has grown. To take advantage of this demand, Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) has expanded its Ehud AACMI family so that it can be used on east European-made fighter aircraft.

IAI’s Ehud is a real-time air combat, training, debriefing and safety system for fighter aircraft pilots. 

The system allows high level live training with the ability to fire simulated armaments and receive real-time hit\miss assessments, as well as a high level debriefing. 

The fighters can train jointly with ships, helicopters and air defence platforms, since IAI provides dedicated embedded training systems for each of these platforms.

IAI has now developed an AACMI pod in an R-73 (air-to-air missile) enclosure. 

The company claims that this makes the Ehud the only AACMI pod on the market that can fit any R-73-compatible aircraft.

According to IAI, the Ehud family can be found in AIM-9L, Hellfire and R-73 enclosures, as well as in a variety of on-board LRU boxes and racks that fit ships, utility helicopters and air defence platforms.

Airforces, no matter where they are located and operate, share some basic common problems. An advanced AACMI system solves some of these.

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