Elbit Systems widens its European footprint

Being a “multi-domestic” aerospace company, Elbit Systems is time after time proving that this definition really translates into contracts.

Earlier this week the Israeli company’s subsidiary Elbit Systems of America signed a partnership contract with the Logistic Center Woensdrecht (Netherlands Ministry of Defence).

This partnership marks the official commencement of an agreement and work-share cooperation intended to foster growth for both groups, and increase the current support capability for the Royal Netherlands Air Force (RNLAF) and other countries.

The partnership is focused on improving support of the RNLAF fleet, as well as broadening regional maintenance, repair and overhaul activities with other OEMs, to support military and civilian aircraft in Europe. 

Elbit Systems of America will be positioned to further support the RNLAF fleet, while providing prompt avionics repair for various F-16 operators. 

An integral part of this enhanced regional support for military and civilian aircraft avionics is the increased involvement of the Dutch industry, including Elbit Systems of America’s existing relationships with Daedalus Aviation and Thales Netherlands.

The Logistic Center Woensdrecht is a defence agency and centre of expertise for air weapon systems, communication systems and mission support. 

Woensdrecht provides logistics, system integration, maintenance, repair, overhaul and upgrade services, and supports the operational users and other partners by creating synergy between its technical and logistical expertise, both in the Netherlands and abroad. 

Elbit Systems of America already provides support to the RNLAF fleet through a combination of direct commercial sales and foreign military sales contracts.

So once again the Israeli company’s “multi-domestic” policy has helped it to enlarge its international footprint – this time in Europe. 

Judging by past agreements, the new cooperation with the Dutch technical centre will allow Elbit to reach more clients in Europe in the defence and civil segments.

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