HeliCom – another tool for “surgical” attacks

The operational need is clear – all participating parties in the battle must get all the necessary data in a way that will make it useful in real-time.

In the most “popular” mode of fighting today, namely urban/limited/low intensity – different names for one main goal – hitting the bad guys fast with minimum collateral damage is the key.

This is one reason why the Israeli air force (IAF) is upgrading its Elbit Systems HeliCom advanced command, control, communications and mission management system.

The upgrade will allow better connectivity to other forces in the air and on the ground.

The HeliCom system is an advanced C4I and mission management system that provides helicopter pilots with enhanced situational awareness and optimal mission management in a user-friendly digital graphic interface.

It enables accurate, real-time tactical data communications and an enhanced common operational picture with ground forces.

The program also includes integration of virtual training capabilities to improve the pilot’s ability to perform over various battlefields.

According to Elbit the HeliCom will allow attack helicopters to maintain their operational and technological leadership by enhancing their situational awareness: “joint operations between air and ground forces will become easier to perform”, a company source says.

Taking some recent operations by the Israel Defense Forces, one can understand the complexity of these pinpoint raids, which call for a well-orchestrated set of combat operations within a small time window.

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