Jerusalem silent amid reports of air strike on Syrian naval base

The mysterious attacks on Syrian targets continue and many fingers are being pointed at Israel. Jerusalem is silent. 

These precise attacks have all the ingredients of something from a new James Bond movie. Unmarked ships unload the weapon systems, real-time intelligence is acquired and the bombs and missiles destroy the warehouses.

Israeli warplanes conducted the latest air strike on July 5 in the northern Syrian port city of Latakia, a US official said, confirming a media report.

If the sources quoted in the foreign press are correct, this was the fourth Israeli air strike in Syria this year targeting shipments of advanced Russian weapons that Syria is thought to be providing to Hezbollah in Lebanon.

It was reported that there were large blasts in the early hours at a Syrian naval base in Latakia. 

Initially, there were reports that Syrian rebels claimed responsibility for the explosions, but later a rebel spokesman claimed that Israeli fighter jets were behind the attack.  

CNN was first to report that US officials believed that Israel was behind the attack, which, the network said, targeted anti-ship long-range Yakhont missiles bound for Hezbollah in Lebanon.

A US official told ABC News that it was unclear what types of weapons Israel may have been targeting.

Israeli officials have consistently declined to comment on reports this year that they have been responsible for air strikes in Syria.

According to US officials the three previous Israeli air strikes in Syria this year all targeted Russian weapons systems that Syria was to transfer to the Hezbollah, which Israel dubs the “Syrian Terror Sub-contractor”.

If the American sources have based their words on solid intelligence, the first strike near Damascus in late January targeted a convoy carrying anti-aircraft missiles that may have been on the move to Hezbollah.

In early May, according to foreign sources, Israel conducted two air strikes, also near Damascus. A US official told ABC News the aircraft targeted as many as a dozen medium-range Fateh-110 missiles intended for Hezbollah.

‪And apparently with no relevance to the attacks in Syria but in the “‬m‪ystery atmosphere” enhanced by the foreign press, Israel late last week performed what is referred to as “‬a‪ rocket propulsion system” test.‬

‪The launch‬ into the Mediterranean‪ was performed on July 12 from the missile test base at Palmachim.‬

‪According to foreign sources‬,‪ Israel is upgrading the capabilities of its “Jericho” ballistic missiles.‬

‪Reports in foreign ‬media‪ claim that the Jericho-3 has a radar‬-‪guided, terminal‬-‪homing system.‬

‪According to these reports the missile has a range of 7,80‬0km (4,836 miles)‪ with a 500‬kg (1,102lb)‪ payload. The‬ press‪ reports claim that with a 1‬,‪000kg warhead the range is 5‬,‪000km.‬

‪The boosters of the Israeli ballistic missiles and satellite launchers are developed by the “Giveon” division of Israel military industries (IMI). The missiles are developed by Israel ‬A‪erospace ‬I‪ndustries (IAI).‬

‪So‬,‪ foreign sources have a major role in following the secret war that is fought now in the Middle East.‬

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