Automated FOD detection at Ben-Gurion – high satisfaction

Since the automated foreign object debris (FOD) detection system was installed at Ben-Gurion airport in Tel-Aviv, a huge number of foreign objects have been detected by it.

“The system had detected an enormous number of FODs, and this is a real revolution” – this statement was made yesterday by Udi Bar-Oz, deputy director general, operations of the Israeli Airports Authority.

This first-hand report reaffirms the operational capabilities of the FODetect system developed by Israeli company Xsight Systems.

The IAA declared the FODetect fully operational in May, after a rigorous evaluation process and soft-launch testing at the airport’s primary runway.

According to the IAA, during the introduction period and since there was not one case in which a foreign object was detected by human inspectors that was not earlier detected and visualised by the automated FOD detection system.

According to Xsight, FODetect is a comprehensive automatic FOD detection solution, uniquely embedded in surface detection units (SDUs) that are co-located with the runway edge lights.

FODetect provides a close-up view of the entire runway during both day and night, including during inclement weather. The system’s capabilities are based on a hybrid radar-optical sensing technology utilising optimised algorithms, advanced image processing software and close-range detection.

Scanning between each aircraft movement, FODetect not only markedly enhances safety, but also increases operational efficiency and runway capacity.

Xsight’s FODetect system is fully compliant with the FAA’s regulations for FOD detection.

According to the Israeli company it meets or exceeds the highest performance levels in every parameter required by the FAA.

The FODetect system was installed on the airport’s primary 08-26 runway – the first of three runways to be equipped with a FOD detection system.

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