Unidentified fighter aircraft – the “shadow war” in the Middle East

Yesterday a newspaper in Kuwait reported that the Israeli airforce (IAF) had carried out a strike on a shipment of long-range missiles that were on their way from Syria to Hezbollah, the terror organization based in Lebanon.

If this report is verified, and if other reports of Israeli strikes in Syria and Lebanon are confirmed, then there is an all-out “shadow war” being carried out, mainly by the IAF.

In May, the foreign press reported that the IAF had attacked storage facilities for advanced long-range Iranian-made missiles.

In recent years these “shadow” strikes have destroyed a nuclear site that was built in Syria with North Korean help, and targeted several shipments of missiles to Hezbollah. These strikes have been carried out as far away as Sudan, to destroy shipments of all sorts of weapons – mainly rockets on their way from Iran to the Gaza strip.

If a “shadow war” is indeed being carried out by Israel, than this needs to be confirmed by very accurate intelligence from several sources. Most of the targets allegedly attacked by the IAF have been mobile and camouflaged.

Israel has never officially commented on press reports that suggest these attacks were ordered from Jerusalem.

The Middle East is a very complex region where many forces act covertly to achieve their goals. The reality is that there are convoys of trucks loaded with weapon systems that will continue to be moved through the region at night. It is also a reality that there are nations in the region trying to achieve the capability of using weapons of mass destruction.

In this kind of reality, the media will never lack reports of “shadow” attacks that no one claims responsibility for.

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