How IAF will keep F-16 C/Ds in top shape

The Israeli air force (IAF) is upgrading its Lockheed Martin F-16 C/Ds to the Barak II version.

In fact, the total inventory of the IAF is being upgraded continuously, mainly by installing new advanced systems, some of which have been developed in Israel to meet specific operational needs.

IAF sources say that the current upgrade will improve the F-16 C/D capability in air-air missions. Another result will be that it will be easier to maintain the fighter aircraft.

The F-16C/Ds are being equipped with an advanced flight control system, new digital debriefing system and a new head-up display system.

The upgrade is being performed in the squadrons with the supervision of the IAF’s main technical unit number 22, the force’s central maintenance depot.

The IAF plans to phase out its F-16A/Bs in the coming years and there are no plans to upgrade their systems.

The expected delays in the delivery and entry into service of the Lockheed Martin F-35s may affect the pace of the phasing out as the IAF wants to keep a certain inventory of fighters at all times.

The intention is to keep the F-16C/Ds flying in excellent shape for many years, so we can expect some other major and minor upgrades that will help achieve this goal.


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