Only minutes to react to threat, seconds to decide

The flight time between some very hostile countries and Israel’s densely populated centres is only minutes. This requires early warning sensors that are capable of detecting very small aerial platforms from great distances, but also a system that will build the complete aerial picture.

This is needed for routine monitoring of the air space surrounding Israel, but mainly when something unusual or suspicious is closing in and fighter jets have to be scrambled.

This is why the Israeli air force (IAF) is developing a new very advanced aerial picture system.

In fact, there will be two systems: one that will process the inputs from all early warning sensors, and one that will build the aerial picture in such a way that all the decision-makers and operational echelons will get it in real time.

In most cases the time between detecting a hostile object and shooting it down if it is confirmed as hostile is a few minutes.

According to the IAF magazine, the new systems will be capable of differentiating between a flock of birds, a dense cloud and a hostile target.

The new systems will get inputs from a great number of ground- and air-based sensors that are being used to monitor the skies.

When you have only minutes to react, you need a system that will help you to decide in a few seconds.


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