Not just buzz words – reality

Air operations have become very complex, with a great number of “players” in a very limited arena.

The problem is how to use all your assets in the air and on the ground to defeat the enemy. This is not a simple problem, however, when the players are fast and operate in a  limited space full of threats.

Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) has unveiled its new, advanced mobile command, control, communications and computer systems (C4) unit for air operations – Mashov.

According to the Israeli company, Mashov is a comprehensive combat C4 mobile solution for offensive and defensive air operations.

The C4 centre integrates versatile operational capabilities in a compact and mobile shelter.

The system is based on the experiences of the Israeli air force and supports the entire operational cycle – from mission planning and rehearsal through real-time command and control, target allocation, communications and mission debriefing. The system generates a unified combat and air situation “big picture” by integrating sensors and communication systems.

According to IAI, real-time mission command and control is effectively executed utilising the comprehensive and unified situation picture, along with communications and datalink systems.

Mashov provides an advanced air defence capability by integrating airborne fighters with a ground-based system, creating a unified awareness picture and automatic target detection, analysis and allocation. The system’s wide-band datalink network provides real-time communication with airborne platforms, while integrating its data into the unified situation picture.

Mashov is a self-contained mobile ground control unit, as well as a front-line C4 cell, functioning in either a standalone or networked mode of operation.

“Situational awareness”, “networked systems” and “big picture are” no longer promotional buzz words. They are main ingredients of the fighting in which aerial platforms are major players.


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