Very real threats and (another) night ghost attack

A dark night in the Syria-Lebanon border zone. Big flashes of fire, then silence again. Sounds of jet engines can be heard from the distance. A few minutes pass and then silence is restored.

Another ghost attack in this area, and another set of speculations that Israel will not comment on.

According to the foreign press, Israeli warplanes attacked targets on the border between Lebanon and Syria on Monday night. In Jerusalem, officials refused to comment on the reports.

When asked about the attack Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said, “I am not speaking about claims that have been made about what we did or didn’t do. Our policy is clear – we do what we have to in order to secure Israel.”

This was not the first attack on the Lebanon-Syria border that has been attributed to Israel this year. According to foreign news sources there have been at least six such attacks in recent months.

All the previous attacks targeted weapons deliveries from Syria to Hezbollah forces in Lebanon.

Israeli sources quoted this morning in the American press said the attack destroyed a convoy that was trying to transfer long-range ballistic missiles from Syria to Lebanon.

Israel has consistently refused to officially comment on reports of strikes against targets in Lebanon and Syria. But at the same time, senior officials have occasionally hinted at involvement, saying that Israel would not allow the transfer of advanced weaponry to Hezbollah.

According to press reports the previous strikes hit shipments of quality weapons systems: accurate land-to-sea missiles and long-range anti-ship “Yakhont” missiles, S-17 advanced anti-aircraft missiles and precise mid-range Fateh-110 rockets.

Israel has confirmed many times that since the beginning of the civil war in Syria it has been paying close attention to the highly volatile situation in the country. There is no doubt that Israeli real-time intelligence in the area is superb.

Has that led to the most recent strike? Ghost attacks during the night always create big headlines.

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