The ultimate video game for helicopter pilots

Linking simulators via a network is potentially a winning combination when it comes to better preparing air forces for warfare.

Networks have become the means to take simulators to a higher level.

The huge operational experience the Israeli air force has accumulated in the use of helicopters in combat is reflected in the new Rangeless Helicopter Training and Safety System (HTS) developed by Israel Aerospace Industries.

The HTS was demonstrated in late 2013 at the French army’s CENTAC combat training centre in the Mailly-le-Camp, France.

The ground-based demonstration replicated the firing of helicopter-mounted weapons (missiles, rockets and guns) towards moving targets and monitored in real time from a control building. Officers observed the weapon simulation results and listened to the audio transmissions in real time and during the debriefing.

The live helicopter training is enhanced with virtual electronic warfare threats and simulated armaments that enable real-time hit-and-miss assessments of both live and virtual targets.

The system is designed to allow advanced joint forces training by utilising network interoperability with the EHUD ACMI (Air Combat Manoeuvring Instrumentation) system and combat training centres such as the one in Mailly-le-Camp.

The helicopters, according to IAI are able to train against live targets ranging from a “pop-up” targets, to vehicles, to real surface-to-air missiles. Hit-and-miss assessments are  generated in real time, based on the weapon algorithms. “What if” scenarios can also be performed during the debriefing. Another option is to train against virtual SAMs that may also fire towards the helicopter. The hit-and-miss assessments can take into account manoeuvres such as chaff and flares.

The off-the-shelf airborne system is available in two configurations: one in a missile-like enclosure for attack helicopters and the other in an internal box for utility helicopters.


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