It’s the simple ideas that produce the most useful tools

It normally begins with a bottle of cold beer on the table. Friends that served in the Israeli Defense Forces and saw unmanned air systems (UAS) in action come up with a bright idea.

In many cases in recent years, these meetings have resulted in innovative systems. There is a clear line connecting all these initiatives. They are light, simple and cheap.

The young entrepreneurs that still serve in their army reserve units know what they need and what the army can afford – and they go for it.

A recent example is the ERE35, a hovering UAS developed by Copter Pix – a company founded by UAS experts that have served in the IDF.

According to Copter Pix president Ronen Diker, the airframe main’s function is to provide a sturdy, well-balanced platform for the other components.

The motor-to-motor distance can vary between 60cm (24 inches) and 80cm, depending on motor and propeller size.

“The airframe was designed by our team and we have added the other components according to our design,” says Diker.

The  ERE35 has a maximum endurance of 30min and a top air speed of 27kt (50km/h).

Its maximum take-off weight is 4kgs (9lb) and it can carry a payload of 1.5kg and it has recently been certificated by Israel’s civil aviation authority for civil missions in urban areas .

Diker says that the system has attracted interest from army special units because it can be be ready for action anywhere in only a few minutes.


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