An open and unusual statement about proper commercial standards

The international weapons market has from time to time seen bribery scandals in different countries of the world.

Israeli manufacturers have occasionally been mentioned through the years in connection with such scandals, but companies outside Israel are far more commonly implicated.

Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI), the country’s largest and most diversified defence contractor,  has recently made a direct and very meaningful statement in this context.

Joseph Weiss, the company’s president and CEO, signed a letter that was distributed as widely as possible.

It reads:

“To whom it may concern:

Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) is committed to the continuous implementation and effective enforcement of its Anti-Bribery Compliance Program, and will act diligently in the event of suspicion of non-compliance or if defects in implementation are discovered.

In accordance with IAI’s policies and procedures, IAI’s managers and workers are committed to the applicable standards in various areas, while refraining from obtaining unfair advantage in the company’s business.

IAI and its employees and managers are firmly committed to comply with applicable laws, to conduct IAI’s business honestly, to comply with international standards of integrity and to manage its business affairs equitably and fairly.

Respectively, IAI demands the same from all of its consultants around the world. As the President and CEO of IAI, I am committed to compliance, ethics and transparency, over and above complying with Israel’s export control regulations and laws. Therefore, I fully support the IAI Compliance Organization to proactively train and communicate values and standards of business conduct, for IAI.

This comprehensive compliance approach raises awareness of IAI’s Code of business conduct and ethics throughout the company, while committing IAI personnel, whether as individuals or collectively, to the highest standards.”


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