The IAF’s à la carte ‘weapon menus’

Over the past year, the Israeli air force (IAF) has been working to boost its attack capabilities in times of emergency. To achieve this, technical staff have to hone their skills to the utmost degree.

Last month, the IAF held an intensive exercise in which its armament units at the service’s air bases were trained in different scenarios.

The IAF’s arsenal is huge and varied. Most of it is classified and tailor-made for specific close- and long-range missions.

The exercise focused on a situation in which armament crews have to roll out dozens of armed fighters in the shortest period of time, making sure they take off with the right weapons fitted.

As the mix of weapon systems carried by each fighter is different, in many cases the crews operate according to “weapon menus” produced by mission planning staff – sometimes only minutes before take-off.

The instructions must be followed with great accuracy – and in times of war often under fire.

The assumption is that IAF bases will be the main target for enemy rockets and missiles. This scenario was also incorporated in the exercise.

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